February 20, 2024 | Episode 13, Season 4

Illustration of a divided family with a father and daughter on one side and a mother and son on the other with a compass symbol between them

Navigating Divorce with Your Children

with Dr. Vidya Krishnan and Dr. Natalie Pon

Conflict within relationships is natural. What happens when this conflict occurs within a family and ends up in separation or divorce? Join us as we explore effective communication strategies with children during this challenging time, emphasizing the importance of fostering open dialogue and understanding and offer insights into how to create a supportive environment for children to express their emotions. CHC psychiatrists, Dr. Vidya Krishnan and Dr. Natalie Pon share valuable advice on helping children cope with the changes that come with divorce, offering practical tips for co-parenting and maintaining a sense of stability. Tune in for a thoughtful conversation on fostering healthy family dynamics in the face of divorce and the importance of not only caring for your kids, but also caring for yourself.

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February 5, 2024 | Episode 12, Season 4

Illustration of a young man floating in the air at night

Existential Angst in Youth

with Dr. Erin Hoolihan and Dr. Tracy Cavaligos

Adolescence is an important time of self-discovery during which teens often grapple with questions about identity and purpose. They want to understand who they are and their place in the world and this can bring about profound existential reflection. In today’s world, our youth can feel like the future is uncertain as they experience rapid societal changes, some economic instability and global challenges like climate change. In addition, they feel the pressure to make life-defining choices such as what they will do beyond high school and planning for a career. Listen to today’s episode as we talk with CHC psychologists, Dr. Erin Hoolihan and Dr. Tracy Cavaligos. We’ll talk about how adolescents may find it challenging to navigate a world filled with unknowns, which can lead to heightened anxiety. You’ll learn how you can develop a greater understanding of how this impacts youth and how you can effectively support them in this developmental period.

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