Embracing My ADHD

with Ross Loofbourrow

Embracing My ADHD

Episode 3, Season 4 | September 25, 2023

Show Notes

In a world where ADHD is often overshadowed by its challenges, this episode offers a refreshing perspective that focuses on uncovering its strengths. Listen now for an insightful conversation with Ross Loofbourrow, a millennial who not only lives with ADHD but thrives! Through Ross’s lived experience, we gain a unique vantage point that highlights the importance of understanding and harnessing the inherent strengths of ADHD all while navigating its inevitable challenges. Ross shares his journey with ADHD openly with personal insights and stories offering a firsthand account of how ADHD has shaped his life in unexpected and empowering ways.

Guest Info
Ross Loofbourrow headshot photo

Meet Ross Loofbourrow, the world’s singular ADHD High-Performance Coach, certified in both High-Performance and ADHD Life Coaching. Diagnosed with ADHD in second grade, Ross has navigated a lifetime of challenges and triumphs with this unique neurotype. Ross has invested the last six years in personal development and closely collaborating with leading ADHD adult clinics.


While maintaining a robust 14-year career with Apple Retail in the heart of Silicon Valley, Ross dove headfirst into his coaching certifications during the global pandemic. This experience has equipped him to develop a coaching practice to support Millennials grappling with ADHD. He’s not just about managing it; he’s about leveraging it as an extraordinary advantage. He’s a catalyst for change, committed to reframing ADHD as a unique asset.


For anyone looking to unlock their untapped potential, Ross Loofbourrow is the dynamic force you’ve been searching for. His unparalleled fusion of ADHD specialization and high-performance coaching is breaking the mold, converting what society often misunderstands as ‘disruptive’ into an unparalleled source of ingenuity and achievement.


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