The Heart of a Parent

with Jennifer Ullyot

The Heart of a Parent

Episode 9, Season 4 | December 19, 2023

Show Notes

The journey of a parent is often a winding path, sometimes obscured by the unknown, yet it’s rich in challenges that can become catalysts for growth and understanding. In this special podcast episode, we have a conversation with Jen Ullyot, a parent coach who has longtime connections with CHC through her kids and more. She candidly shares her experiences, offering insights into the rollercoaster of emotions and the unexpected joys that come with parenting a child with learning differences. She knows it’s not easy, but she also knows about the resilience of kids and families and the power and agency found in the positive choices we make. Listen to hear more about how you can navigate your family’s journey with grace and compassion.

Guest Info
Headshot of Jennifer Ullyot

Jen left internet marketing for 2 decades of full-time motherhood and community volunteering. Currently, Jen is a parenting coach to parents of typical and neurodiverse children. Through her lived experience as a parent, she is able to authentically support parents (especially moms!) on the journeys with their children, helping parents to avoid burnout, encouraging the well-being of the family and the person called ‘mom.’ Jen lives on the Peninsula with her husband and looks forward to visits home from her three college and high school aged children.