Stress, Trauma & Grief: Raising Resilient Kids Through Hard Times

with Tony Cepeda, LMFT and Karly Crockett, LCSW

Stress, Trauma & Grief: Raising Resilient Kids Through Hard Times

Episode 27, Season 1 | April 15, 2021

Show Notes

Last March, we thought we'd be sheltering in place, wearing masks and social distancing for a few weeks. Yet here we are over a year later, tired and stressed, stretched beyond what we thought we could endure. We're experiencing what mental health experts call a “collective trauma”– overwhelm, isolation and the loss of what life used to be. Some have flourished during shelter-in-place and are anxious about re-entry. Others have lost so much that it feels like the only thing left to hold onto is hope. In this episode, CHC’s Tony Cepeda, LMFT and Karly Crockett, LCSW talk about individualized responses to stress, trauma and grief and how weathering storms together can lead to greater resilience for you and your family.

Guest Info
Tony Cepeda headshot

Tony Cepeda has had the privilege and honor to have worked in the mental health field for over 30 years, working with children, youth and their families. He has helped children and youth manage depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD and oppositional/defiant diagnoses. Tony’s journey has taken him through residential treatment settings, day treatment programs, school based programs and outpatient programs. He also had the privilege of supervising Associate Marriage and Family Therapists, and Marriage and Family Interns (graduate students) for over 15 years. Tony has learned and applied several evidenced based practices including trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy and alternatives for families: cognitive behavioral therapy, brief strategic family therapy, adolescent community reinforcement approach (for substance use) and motivational interviewing. Tony has a passion for working with diversity and cultural differences. He enjoys supporting children, youth and their families that struggle with acculturation and biracial issues. Tony has many years of experience as a community volunteer and leader for youth sports, scouting and church. He likes to incorporate coaching into his practice and focus on strengths and individual resilience.

Karly Crockett headshot

Karly works as a bilingual therapist in CHC’s South Bay community clinic, providing services for children 6 years and older. Karly has worked with children, teens and families for the past nine years following her undergraduate studies; her experience ranges from providing support in school settings, behavioral health clinics, hospitals and home-based services and via online therapy. She enjoys incorporating mindfulness and art into her work with clients. Karly recognizes that each child, teen and family is unique with their own values, culture and interests and Karly uses those aspects to support her clients in growing and reaching their goals.