Starting Kindergarten: Tips for a Smooth Transition

with Natalie Pon, MD

Starting Kindergarten: Tips for a Smooth Transition

Episode 2, Season 2 | August 25, 2021

Show Notes

Starting kindergarten is both exciting and scary — for children and their parents. Young children thrive when they feel comfortable, safe and secure. But it can be challenging to help your child feel prepared when everything feels so uncertain right now. What can you do to make the leap less worrisome and more fun? Listen in to today’s podcast episode with our guest, Dr. Natalie Pon, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at CHC, as she reminds us that — in addition to learning letters and numbers — the real growth that occurs in kindergarten is the development of social emotional skills through play.

Guest Info
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Dr. Pon specializes in the assessment and care of young children (0-6yo) and treats the range of early childhood mental health issues, including anxiety/depression, disruptive behavior, adjustment and attachment issues, trauma, and parent-child relational issues. She is very experienced with child-centered, dyadic, trauma-focused and cognitive-behavioral play therapy.


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