Season 1 in Review

with Cindy Lopez

Season 1 in Review

Episode 13, Season 1 | January 6, 2021

Show Notes

From parenting, mindfulness, raising compassionate kids, self-compassion, empathy, ADHD, distance learning, positive feedback, mental health and family dynamics, we’ve covered a lot of territory since our podcast launched in October. Today we take a brief jaunt down memory lane and revisit some of our favorite takeaways from past episodes. Join us for this short-and-sweet listen, and be sure to visit our Podcast Archive to access your favorite episodes in their entirety!

Guest Info
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Cindy has worked in K-12 education for about 30 years — as a teacher, an administrator, in public and private schools — most recently focused on kids who learn differently. Cindy believes that each one of us is different and different is good. She has had the opportunity to have thousands of conversations with parents, kids, teachers, community members and more. She is honored to host CHC’s new Voices of Compassion podcast and hopes that it will be just what you need these days.