Parenting: Developing Self-Awareness

with Karly Crockett, LCSW and Audrey Schield, ASW

Parenting: Developing Self-Awareness

Episode 30, Season 2 | May 10, 2022

Show Notes

​​We often talk about building self-awareness in our kids, but what about in ourselves, as parents and caregivers? The better we understand our own complexities, the more wholeheartedly we can show up for our children. In fact, research shows that when a parent understands themselves better, the child has better overall life outcomes. In today’s podcast episode, CHC Clinical Services experts Audrey Schield, Bilingual Associate Social Worker and Karly Crockett, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, share self-awareness stories and strategies for more present and intentional parenting. ​​

Guest Info
Karly Crockett headshot

Karly works as a bilingual therapist in CHC’s South Bay community clinic, providing services for children 6 years and older. Karly has worked with children, teens and families for the past nine years following her undergraduate studies; her experience ranges from providing support in school settings, behavioral health clinics, hospitals and home-based services and via online therapy. She enjoys incorporating mindfulness and art into her work with clients. Karly recognizes that each child, teen and family is unique with their own values, culture and interests and Karly uses those aspects to support her clients in growing and reaching their goals.

Audrey Schield provides bilingual (Spanish) therapy and assessment services to children, adolescents and their families. Audrey graduated with her degree in clinical social work from the University of Chicago and has worked in a variety of settings, including home-based care, hospitals, and outpatient clinics. She is passionate about working with diverse populations, and has focused on supporting LGBTQ+ individuals and people from a variety of diverse cultural backgrounds. She integrates narrative therapy, acceptance commitment therapy (ACT), and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) frameworks to provide a safe space for clients to process and develop skills related to issues of trauma, acculturation and mood. Audrey enjoys integrating her passion for art, nature and movement into her work and strives to meet every client where they are at to find what works best for them.