Behavior Strategies – What You Need to Know

with Jody M. Miller, EdD, BCBA

Behavior Strategies – What You Need to Know

Episode 8, Season 2 | October 13, 2021

Show Notes

Whether your child just doesn’t want to go to bed at night, or is defiant to anything and everything, Dr. Jody Miller, Head of Esther B. Clark Schools at CHC and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, has seen it all. In today’s podcast episode, Dr. Miller shares her top three go-to strategies for challenging behavior. From positive reinforcement to consequences and consistency, you’ll learn new tools to try at home and when to reach out for help. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Miller shares her own experience parenting children with challenging behavior, reminding us that “it will improve.” Listen today!

Guest Info
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Dr. Jody M. Miller has been an administrator at Esther B. Clark School for over a decade. Her first experience was as an Adapted Physical Education (APE) teacher for students with intellectual differences and physical disabilities. This experience was tremendously rewarding and set the foundation for Jody to continue working with students who struggle to participate in typical classroom settings. Since her time as a teacher, Jody has spent time leading residential treatment schools, directing Applied Behavior Analysis programs for children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, and most recently becoming the Head of Schools for EBC’s two campuses in San Jose and Palo Alto.